Quick Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance Costs

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How can I save on homeowners insurance costs?

Quick Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance Costs

Searching for quick and easy ways to save on homeowners insurance costs? Fortunately, it's easier than you might think with these simple steps to start saving without sacrificing quality coverage:

  1. Comparison shop online. Ask for discounts from your current provider then spend a bit of time shopping for the best rates from other underwriters.
  2. Clean and maintain your home. Not only does a clean and well-maintained home look and feel better, but also it's less likely to experience unexpected claims that can eventually lead to higher premiums. In addition, many insurance companies send out inspectors to assure the home is up to standard before renewing or writing a new policy.
  3. Secure the area. Dead-bolts, fire alarms and other security items can reduce your homeowners insurance costs by 5 percent or even more. Shop for sales and start saving with these easy to do projects; just be sure to tell the agent your home is protected. Remember, they won't know unless you make a point of informing them.



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