Lessons from Louisiana Home Insurance

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What Lessons from Louisiana Home Insurance are there to be learend?

Lessons from Louisiana Home Insurance

When it comes to trying to navigate the challenging waters of insurance, there are many lessons to be learned from Louisiana home insurance experiences. Whether you live in flood prone areas, earthquakes or far from any known natural disasters, it's a good idea to implement these all-important lessons to keep your financial future and family safe from harm when disaster strikes.

  • Have a Plan. Like the old adage, "failure to plan is akin to planning to fail," those that do the best have a plan of action before disaster strikes. Have copies of insurance policies, pictures and other information stored off-site and available if you need to leave in short notice.
  • Provide for Living Expenses. If your home is impacted by a major disaster, you will still need a place to live while it is being repaired—and sometimes those repairs can take months. It's also likely you will be responsible for making mortgage payments on the home even when unable to live in it. If you do not have adequate savings to supply your financial needs for at least three to six months then consider adding coverage that will assist with living expenses and/or mortgage payments until your home is finished.



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