Free Home Insurance Quote Tips to Finding the Lowest Possible Price

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How can I save money when buying home insurance?

Free Home Insurance Quote Tips to Finding the Lowest Possible Price

Finding the lowest possible price when shopping for home insurance is often a matter of what you don't do. Find out how to save money and find the lowest possible price with these free home insurance quote tips:

  1. Don't buy a bad dog. If you own a breed of dog commonly associated with a higher than average risk of bites, it's a good idea to do your homework in advance. Different companies have different dogs on their risk lists. Either way, be sure to mention the dog when buying insurance or else you may not be covered in the event of an incident.
  2. Don't wait. Never allow your current policy to lapse or else you could face potentially higher than average insurance premiums when trying to renew. Instead, shop early by visiting a free home insurance quote site to easily compare prices at least thirty days prior to the end of your current policy renewal date.
  3. Don't submit "junk" claims. Excessive claim history can lead to higher long term homeowners insurance costs, so be sure you really need the financial help prior to making excessive claims.



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