Home Insurance Comparison: Watch Out for Permits!

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Home Insurance Comparision - Watch Out for Permits!

Home Insurance Comparison: Watch Out for Permits!

While most homeowners recognize the importance of obtaining proper permits when having work performed, many first-time buyers may not fully appreciate the importance of verifying the quality of construction and proof that all permits and inspections were properly performed. For example, faulty installation of plumbing, electric or other systems can result in damage to the home which may void the warranty related to the device, prevent the future sale of the home and even restrict the amount of insurance coverage should a claim arise.

Whether you are buying a brand new home or existing home, take the time to protect yourself.

  1. Verify permits. Make sure all work conforms to current building standards and had a permit. If you are unsure, be sure to specify this when obtaining a home insurance comparison quote. You don't want to find out later the work was illegally performed and will not be covered by insurance.
  2. Obtain an inspection. Even new homes need an inspection to help spot potential problems. Another excellent idea is to visit the building inspection office to obtain the complete history of permits, inspections and other visits to the home.
  3. Keep good records. Going forward it is a good idea to keep good records of all work performed including the company, license numbers, insurance and bond information.



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