Before You Buy Homeowners Insurance

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What do I need to do before I buy homeowners insurance?

Before You Buy Homeowners Insurance

Before you buy homeowners insurance, it's a good idea to take a little time to plan and prepare yourself. Not only will it help keep everything in one place in order to easily compare quotes, but it also provides an easy-to-use system that will serve you for years to come.

  1. Make a list of the content of your home. It's a good idea to take photographs to store in an off-site location as well as make a copy for home use. Include sales receipts, warranty information or other important items in a file with the photographs. It will assist in the insurance claims process should a loss take place in the future.
  2. Make a list of all improvements to the home and property. Include the name and contact information of the contractors or repairpersons that performed the work, warranty information, receipts, permits and business-related information of the company including licensure, bonding and insurance information.
  3. Check the dates. Always leave plenty of additional time before the expiration of your current policy. Remember, some types of coverage, like flood insurance, don't go into effect for 30 days or more after a new policy is written, so plan ahead.



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