When Someone is Hurt on Your Property

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What do I do When Someone is Hurt on Your Property?

When Someone is Hurt on Your Property

Homeowner insurance covers more than your house; it also provides important liability coverage in case someone is hurt on your property. Despite taking precautions to assure the safety of friends, family and other visitors, sometimes an accident takes place. Learn how to file the proper insurance claim and what to do when someone is hurt on your property with these quick tips:

  1. Call for medical assistance if needed. Safety comes first, so be sure to have a medical physician check for injuries. Falls, sports injuries, dog bites and other emergencies should all be evaluated by a qualified physician.
  2. Document what happened. After everyone is safe and calm, take time to carefully document what happened being careful not to assign blame. Simply stick to the facts. Take photographs of any pertinent information and make a note of other people that witnessed the event.
  3. Contact your agent. Let your agent know what has transpired and file a report. They may have additional questions that you should answer to the best of your ability.
In the event you are sued, the homeowner's policy will handle the claim on your behalf. It's a good idea to avoid confrontations or other disagreements with the injured party; simply cooperate and allow the insurance company to do their job.



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