Improvements & Homeowners Insurance Quotes

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How do home improvements impact my homeowners insurance quotes?

Improvements & Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Improvements to your home can impact your homeowners insurance quotes, so it pays to keep good records. Don't automatically assume that a major improvement or repair will result in an increase; many improvements or repairs may actually lower the cost of insurance premiums since the home may be in better condition or safer. Another common error is to think small repairs or modifications don't matter enough to mention when shopping for homeowners insurance quotes. The fact is that even small upgrades can result in big savings.

To help get started, make a list of the type of improvement performed, the date of the improvement and the cost paid including supplies and labor. It's also a good idea to keep a copy of any warranty information that may apply. Not only does this help you stay organized for tax purposes and when obtaining a homeowners insurance quote, but will assist in demonstrating the proper care and maintenance of your home when it comes time to sell.



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