#1 In Customer Satisfaction

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Did you look at homeowner's insurance company ratings?

#1 In Customer Satisfaction

When it comes time to compare homeowner's insurance companies, a good place to start is with customer complaints and satisfaction ratings. These can be obtained through companies online like JD Power and Associates or your state's Department of Insurance site. See how other customers rate the service they get from their insurance companies. Remember there is a context for each customer complaint, so one bad review doesn't mean the end of the world, but consistent negative comments and ratings might be hint of what to expect with that particular company.

You want to be comfortable with your home insurance agency. If you ever need to file a claim, you want the people you deal with to be helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Having that piece of mind will make the process of choosing an insurer and interacting with them much easier. You will know that they are working with your best interests in mind. That's where homeowner's insurance company ratings come into play.



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