Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

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Should I take photos of valuables and renovations in my house?

Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

Saving and maintaining receipts and other documentation for insurance purposes is a smart practice. But there is one other step you should take to make sure all your bases are covered. Any time that you make renovations to your home or purchase valuables that will be insured, take pictures.

These pictures will serve as a photographic documentation of the exact condition and nature of the remodeled portions of your houses and personal possessions. If your home is burglarized, these pictures can be used by law enforcement officials to identify any stolen property that may be recovered.

Photographs can be a big help to police in the event a crime is committed and they can help your home insurance claim be processed faster. Keep these photographs stored with your receipts and other documentation, in either a safe deposit box or a fireproof box in your home. It is also a good idea to back up digital photos on disc or the hard drive of your computer as well.



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