Company-Specific Claims Guidelines

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Do you know what your provider's claim guidelines are?

Company-Specific Claims Guidelines

When you buy homeowner's insurance, make sure that you fully understand the claims process and the specific guidelines of the company. Each insurer will have their own way of doing things. While some aspects of the claims process are uniform from company to company, others might be left to the provider's discretion.

Have the agent you are dealing with provide you with the contact information for filing a home insurance claim. They should also provide you with the company's guidelines for filing. This will include the timeframe you must file within, paperwork to be completed and other documentation needed.

The more you know about the claims process from your provider beforehand, the less stressful you will find things if and when the time comes to make a claim. The last thing you want after your home is damaged by fire or burglarized is to spend hours fumbling through information trying to figure out whom you should be talking to and what you need to do.



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