Claims Resulting From Crimes

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What should I do when a claim is the result of a crime?

Claims Resulting From Crimes

If there is ever a crime committed that results in the damaging or loss of your property, contact the police and file a report immediately. Do not wait. Insurance issues are often time-sensitive. The insurance company will want to speak with the police, and you should ask for a copy of the officer's report as well.

Make sure to take pictures of any damage that resulted from the commission of the crime and give this to your provider when filing a home insurance claim. Do not throw away any damaged or broken property either. Your insurance company may send an adjuster out to see the extent of the damage.

A good rule of thumb is never throw away damaged property until it is replaced, unless it poses some sort of danger to you or others. That way you have evidence of the loss to provide insurers, police and any other relevant parties.



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