Handling Claim Disputes

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How do you handle claim disputes?

Handling Claim Disputes

If you are deep in the home insurance claims process and feel that your policy is not being honored or there are mistakes being made, don't wait until the last minute to raise these concerns. Contact the claims manager of your insurance company and explain what the problem is. See if you can get it resolved quickly and easily. Often it is just a matter of miscommunication.

If after speaking with the claims manager, you are still not satisfied, you can always contact your state's Department of Insurance. Since insurance is a regulated industry, each state has a department specifically designed to deal with these issues. They are a resource that most people overlook, but they can be very helpful.

The Department of Insurance should be able to work with you and your provider to resolve any issues you may have and get the claims process moving once again in a manner that works for all parties involved.



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