Permits, Building Codes & Insurance

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Do you have all the proper permits and know all the building codes necessary?

Permits, Building Codes & Insurance

Construction and remodeling, no matter how big or small, is not always as simple as it may seem. You need to check with your local municipality to obtain the proper permits and make sure you and whoever is doing the actual work is aware of all the appropriate building codes and ordinances.

These codes are meant to ensure the safety of those doing the work and people living in the home once the construction is finished. Certain renovations may also increase your property value, property taxes, and affect the price of homeowner's insurance. Don't worry - not all remodeling will raise your premiums. Any changes made to your home that increase safety and security may, in fact, reduce your premiums.

Neglecting to do this before construction starts could lead to unpleasant complications. For one, liability coverage may not apply to injuries sustained during or after completion resulting in that specific section of your home. Later damages to anything renovated without the proper permits or adhering to the appropriate building codes could also be excluded from coverage.



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