Proper Notice Before Renovating

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Have you notified your insurer of planned renovations?

Proper Notice Before Renovating

Timing is everything, right? Pay your bills on time and you keep your credit in good standing. Show up to work on time and you keep the boss happy. Well letting your homeowner's insurance provider know about any changes to your home will keep both of you very happy.

Don't wait until after you have already renovated a section of your home to inform the company of changes to your home. Contact your company and make sure they are aware of changes being made so you know that you will be covered. The longer you wait, the more complicated the claims process can become. You run the risk of having to wait a long time for a settlement or even not getting one at all.

Being punctual and always being prepared has always worked for the Boy Scouts. It is a good way to approach your homeowner's insurance as well.



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