Get Valuables Professionally Appraised

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Have you had your valuables appraised?

Get Valuables Professionally Appraised

Understanding homeowner's insurance is important for your own protection. Many policies will include insurance for personal possessions in your home, but do you know exactly what is covered? It is a good idea to find out. Make sure you know everything that is covered under your policy.

You also want to have valuables like jewelry appraised and documented by a professional and then give that information to your insurance provider promptly. This way you are not struggling to prove the value of an item if you have to file a claim later on.

Here are a couple things you should double check to make sure you are insured for:

  • Jewelry
  • Artwork such as paintings, sculptures, etc.
  • Expensive electronic equipment like computers, home media devices, etc.
If you find that currently under your homeowners insurance plan some of these items are not covered, you should be able to add endorsements to your policy that will add them to your coverage.



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