The Importance of Accuracy & Honesty in Your Claims

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Are you always honest and accurate with insurance claims?

The Importance of Accuracy & Honesty in Your Claims

Honesty is the best policy, right? So when it comes time to file any paperwork regarding homeowner's insurance, be truthful and as accurate as possible. It's like the Golden Rule of homeowner's insurance basics. If you provide false information when filing a claim it can be grounds for your provider to cancel your policy.

If you provide false information when purchasing homeowner's insurance and the company discovers this at a later date, it can also be grounds for terminating your coverage. Needless to say, these are situations that no one wants to have to deal with. They can cause you much difficulty financially and make it difficult to get insurance in the future.

If a contractor gives you a price quote, don't tell your insurance company it is more than the figure quoted. Don't provide false documents to try and get a few extra bucks. And don't try and “pad the bill” and misrepresent the value of damaged or lost property as more than it actually is.



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