Smoke Detectors & Insurance Discounts

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Do you have smoke and CO2 detectors?

Smoke Detectors & Insurance Discounts

The more effort you make to protect your home from damage the happier insurance companies will be. So make sure to have a smoke detector and CO2 alarm on each floor of your home. If you have flood protection through the government or a private insurance company, install flood detectors in your basement as well. These can be purchased by many alarm companies individually, or they can be included in a home security package.

Smoke detectors are proven to help prevent house fires and limit damage as well as personal injury. The more protection your home has from fire, smoke and water damage, the less your insurance against such threats will cost. This can help net you affordable home insurance.

Remember not to install smoke detectors directly above stoves/ovens. Otherwise it will likely go off when you are cooking. Place it somewhere where it is easy for you to get access to it so you can test the battery once a month and replace it when necessary.



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