Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

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Are you keeping your house in good condition?

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

Normal wear and tear around the house is not covered by homeowner's insurance policies. If you have a leaky pipe that you put off fixing for months and then end up with severe water damage, you're out of luck. This is considered to be normal maintenance. Neglecting things until they are in disrepair and need to be replaced will not work, because under your insurance plan you are expected to keep up with regular maintenance.

So the better shape you keep your home in the better off you will be. Any claims that you file should be legitimate. You can run into several problems if you file an excessive number of complaints without merit that are rejected. If you want to save on homeowners insurance, a string of bad claims is not going to help.

Also, keep in mind what your deductible is and the cost of repairs/replacement. In some cases, it might be cheaper to pay out of pocket. And the more you stay on top of regular house maintenance the less often you should have to use your insurance.



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