Organization Discounts

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Have you looked into organization discounts?

Organization Discounts

Organize! Insurance companies often give discounts on homeowner's insurance to members of certain organizations. If you are a member of any groups like veterans organizations, non-profits, lodges, etc., you might be eligible for a discount. It never hurts to ask.

There are also employers and professional organizations that offer insurance through a particular company as well. Ask your boss and see if that will lead to the cheapest homeowner's insurance choice with the best protection.

Retirees are also likely to get an additional discount. This is because they are considered to be home more often than someone working 40 hours a week. So it may be easier for them to see and prevent things like fire and smoke damage before they are severe enough to warrant filing a claim. With some insurance companies the discount could be as high as 10 percent. But even a two percent discount should not be turned down. Every penny counts.



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