Insuring Part-Time & Vacation Homes

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Is insurance for part-time homes different than full-time?

Insuring Part-Time & Vacation Homes

If you own more than one home and will be away from either for an extended period of time, make sure that you choose a policy that covers you while you are away. Some types of homeowners insurance will not cover you for the entire year if you are only living in a house for three months out of the year in the summer.

Make sure you specify that a house is a vacation home or if it will be used year-round. Free home insurance quotes for full-time homes would be different from part-time dwellings. The main reason is that no one would be there for large stretches of time at a vacation home to keep up with regular maintenance, prevent fire damage or theft, etc.

If you fail to specify that a house will only be occupied for a small amount of time each year you could run into trouble. If something were to happen that would require you to file a claim while away from the house, you could have difficulty settling the claim.



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