Help For High Risk Homeowners Insurance Rates

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How can I find Help For High Risk Homeowners Insurance Rates?

Help For High Risk Homeowners Insurance Rates

There are many reasons a homeowner might encounter higher than average homeowner insurance rates; but fortunately, a little planning and preparation can prevent the prospect of cancellation or high rate increases. Learn how to find help for high-risk homeowners insurance rates by preventing the problem from occurring in the first place.

  1. Dog Bites. One of the most common causes for high insurance rates includes ownership of a violent dog or one with a history of complaints. Do yourself and your pet a favor by investing in a good fence, proper signage, shots and most importantly, obedience training.
  2. High Risk Hobbies & Sports. Do you own a gun? Have ceramic kilns in your basement? Provide a trampoline or pool to entertain the kids on hot summer afternoons? These are just a few of the possible reasons your homeowners insurance rates might run higher than average. Understand how your hobbies and other sports or activities are likely to impact insurance rates prior to making the final decision on bringing them into the home.
  3. Ask for Help. Always inform the insurance agent about potential high-risk situations, and then ask for specific information to help reduce the cost of premiums. For example, putting additional fences on the property or storing guns and other weapons in specialized storage devices may eliminate much of the risk associated with ownership. Obtain official inspections that demonstrate you have complied with all suggestions, and then send proof to the insurance company. While it may not eliminate the excess risk, it often reduces premiums to an affordable level without sacrificing coverage or your lifestyle.



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