Credit Score and Homeowners Insurance Quotes

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Credit and How to Compare Homeowners Insurance

Credit Score and Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Among the many criteria used to derive an insurance quote, the personal credit score is one of the most confusing and frustrating for many homeowners. Learn how to compare homeowners insurance even if your credit isn't perfect with these simple tips:

  1. Search for companies that do not use insurance credit score information. While many insurance underwriters use individual credit scores to partially determine rates, it is possible to find companies that do not. Don't automatically assume you will pay less though; it's still a good idea to comparison shop before making a final decision.
  2. Examine individual scores. Sometimes one family member has better credit than the other person does, so it might be possible to obtain quotes that are more competitive by putting that person down as the primary policyholder. Ask your agent for more information when obtaining a home insurance quote.
  3. Know your score. It's often possible to dramatically improve your credit score simply by making a few small changes or even using a different credit reporting agency. Obtain a free copy of your credit score to begin building a better score today; even if it doesn't help reduce homeowners insurance premiums right away, you could still start seeing savings within six to twelve months.



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