Double Check, Get To The Bottom of Discrepancies

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Is there a discrepancy that you cannot understand?

Double Check, Get To The Bottom of Discrepancies

Every so often, mistakes happen. If you notice a glaring discrepancy between two quotes you receive from different companies on the same type of coverage, get in touch with them and ask about it. There are any number of reasons for this happening.

You may have made a typing error when inputting information to get the quotes. Perhaps there was an error with the Web site or the information provided to them by the insurer. Or maybe there is no mistake and the rates charged by two companies are just drastically different.

Whatever the reason may be, it never hurts to double check and make sure there are no mistakes. You do not want there to be any doubt in your mind when it comes time to make that big decision on the best homeowners insurance. So just remember these keys:

  • Double check the information you input into the Web site
  • Contact the administrators of the site if the discrepancy still exists
  • Contact the insurance providers if there is no error on the part of the Web site providing the quotes



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