Customer Service Up To Par?

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Were they polite when you contacted them?

Customer Service Up To Par?

When you start contacting home insurance companies, over the phone or in person, think of it like a job interview. They want your business. Are they doing everything they can to get it? Are they polite and helpful? Are they willing to take the time to explain things to you until you are comfortable?

The level of customer service you receive in that initial period should make you feel comfortable. If the people you speak with are neither courteous nor knowledgeable, maybe they are not right for you. Even if the rates they offer seem to be in the right range, this choice is about more than dollars and cents.

When you are asking your questions, don't be shy about not understanding something. Ask as many questions as it takes until you know exactly what is happening. If you don't feel they are answering your questions completely, let them know it. Make it clear that you won't be making a decision without being fully informed. They should do everything in their power to provide you with that peace of mind.



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