Claims After Natural Disaster

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What should you do for insurance purposes after your home is hit by a natural disaster?

Claims After Natural Disaster

If you have lived through a hurricane, earthquake or other disaster, you know that it can be a nerve-racking time. However, the best thing you can do is keep a level head and assess the situation as soon as possible. Survey your home and see what damage there is that needs to be repaired.

Once you know what needs to be fixed or replaced, take photos and document the extent of the damage. Make any temporary repairs necessary and keep receipts from any expenses incurred in the process. Provide your homeowner's insurance company with the photos, detailed explanations of the damage, and the repairs needed. Include the receipts from the temporary repairs made to be reimbursed for those as well.

The sooner you notify your provider of the situation, the sooner they can take action to get your home back in top shape. Natural disasters like earthquakes affect large numbers of people, so the odds are good that you won't be the only one in your area filing a homeowner's insurance claim. So you want to try and get the ball rolling with your insurance company before they get swamped with other claims in your area.



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