Avoiding Scams & Unethical Business Practices

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What is "twisting?"

Avoiding Scams & Unethical Business Practices

Choosing homeowner's insurance is not something that you just rush into, especially after being the victim of a crime, fire or natural disaster. Those are generally emotional times, and that is precisely when some scam artists will try to take advantage of you.

Twisting is a term used to describe when an agent will misrepresent the features of an insurance policy in an attempt to convince you to switch from your current coverage plan to the one they are selling. Why do they misrepresent the details of the contract? Most likely because it is not going to do all the wonderful things they are telling you it will. It may even be worse than your current policy.

This practice is usually done by door-to-door policy salesmen. Especially after an area has been hit by something like an earthquake or hurricane. So watch out for these scams. The best thing you can do is get free insurance quotes online and then contact the companies directly rather than putting your trust in a stranger who knocks on your door.



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