Economy Vs. Insurance

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Have you thought about not having home insurance?

Economy Vs. Insurance

Tough economic times may make some people consider doing without homeowners insurance in order to save a few dollars. But the truth is it can only make matters worse. If something happens to your home while you have no insurance and times are tough, where does that leave you? Much worse off than if you chose to keep the coverage.

There are other ways to save money though. Take the time to compare home insurance rates from different companies. You may be able to get a better rate than the one you have now from another provider or even the one you currently use.

You might be eligible for discounts that you were not even aware of. All you have to do is ask your insurer or head over to to see how much money you can save with different companies.

So before you even consider not having insurance - which only puts you at greater risk - compare some insurance rates and find ways that you can save and still protect your home and possessions at the same time.



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