Read The Fine Print

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Have you read the fine print?

Read The Fine Print

So how do you choose between two home insurance policies that both have the same rate? It's like the saying goes, read the fine print. If the rates are the same, or at least comparable, look for something that sets them apart. You can usually find something if you look hard enough.

Maybe there is something one plan offers that you overlooked. It might not be anything earth shattering. But maybe it is a nice little perk or caveat that can nudge you in one direction. If the rates are comparable, and you find no attractive little jewels in the fine print of either policy, then spend a little more time talking to the companies.

See which one you get a better feeling from. Maybe one seems more customer service oriented than the other. Maybe a particular regulation or requirement is not as convenient for you as another. When you compare home insurance rates and try to save money, it may be an easy comparison or it may come down to those factors that cannot be quantified with numbers.



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